Monitor Locations: Garfield Avenue Group
(Site Nos. 114, 132, 133, 135, 137, 143, 186 & adjacent locations)

Currently a combination of portable and elevated air monitoring stations is located at the perimeter of the active work areas. Stations are moved within the Garfield Avenue Group cleanup sites as the focus of work shifts from location to location. All monitors measure dust and collect airborne hexavalent chromium samples while work is under way.

Before site restoration was completed in March 2018, fixed and portable air monitors were located at the perimeter of the work area within the Garfield Avenue Group. Fixed monitors measured dust, 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Portable monitors measured dust during work hours. Additionally, during work hours, both fixed and portable monitors collected airborne chrome samples. Finally, two monitors collected airborne chrome samples only, 24 hours per day, seven days a week. On weekends, 24-hour chrome monitors collected samples for 72 hours, from 6 a.m. Friday through 6 a.m. Monday. The 72-hour average was plotted for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A similar methodology was used on holidays or when the site was closed because of inclement weather.

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